Welcome To Wiltshire Group of the Trail Riders Fellowship

Wiltshire TRF are a regional group of the Trail Riders Fellowship, the user organisation for responsible trail riders.

We aim to conserve the public right to use green roads for the benefit of everyone. We promote the safe, lawful and sustainable use of the green road network in accordance with our CODE OF CONDUCT and the countryside code. Membership of the TRF ensures that misconceptions and misrepresentations relating to our hobby are effectively challenged in both political and legal circles.

We are a friendly, enthusiastic and diverse group that welcomes all riders regardless of gender, ability, experience, type of motorcycle or disability. Our knowledge is such that we can offer advice on the trails within our area, which extends to include much of the area surrounding Wiltshire as well as what tools and equipment are best suited for the area. Beginners are particularly welcome and we host several rides for those new to trail riding each year. 

TRF Meetings

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the FOX & HOUNDS, Devizes, where we discuss recent ride outs, future ride outs, rights of way, and plan the support we provide to horse and mountain biking events. If you’re a new member or are just considering joining then please come along to one of our meetings where you’ll be given a warm welcome and get to know more about what the TRF does and what it can offer you.


Some of the Wiltshire TRF ladies

Our members arrange several rides every month with three typically taking place in any given summer week. We aim to have one “open” ride in the weekend after a monthly meeting in order for potential members to experience what it’s like to ride with experienced members who are able to answer any questions and offer both guidance and advice. Advice is generally given on the length of the ride and the difficulty.

All our rides are arranged through our Wiltshire TRF Closed Facebook page. 

Members are encouraged to join our closed Facebook group, where applicants are reviewed to ensure they are current TRF members. To obtain access, please send an email to Wiltshire TRF Membership Secretary andrew.byatt.trf@gmail.com quoting your full name and your  TRF membership number (your address, email  and telephone number are also helpful in case we have are any queries). You will be added to the Group as soon as possible once your details have been verified with the TRF Membership list

As a member you may belong to three TRF regional groups. Please do this by informing the national membership secretary memsec@trf.org.uk.

Wiltshire TRF Closed Facebook page (TRF members only)


We also have a Wiltshire TRF open Facebook page


Why join the TRF? 

The TRF is the National, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring ‘Green Roads’ by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of Green Roads for everyone to enjoy. The Trail Riders Fellowship is the only body representing trail riders that is recognized by Government and Local Authorities as being the Authoritative and Responsible face of Trail Riding.

“The most important £45 you will spend this year. Join the TRF today.”