After carefully choosing the motorcycle you’ll need to start thinking about what kit you’ll need to protect you and your new bike from damage and the weather, including sun, rain and the cold. You’ll also need to choose tools to maintain your bike whilst at home and in the event of problems whilst out on the trails.

Here’s a list of suggested equipment:

Motocross Boots These are much sturdier than normal motorcycle boots and will help protect your feet, ankle and shins from knocks and twists.
Helmet A good helmet, can be full face, open face or “flip-up” combination of the two. If you helmet does not have a visor then you’ll need some goggles. Open face and flip up helmets are useful when communicating with riders or other Rights of Way users
Protective Jacket A sturdy textile jacket with back, shoulder, elbow protection
Protective Trousers Textile trousers with knee and hip protection.
Gloves Motocross gloves for the summer and thicker gloves for the winter. It’s worth carrying a spare pair when its wet.
Socks Waterproof socks such as “Sealskinz” will help keep your feet dry when crossing fords or in the rain.
Waterproofs Cheap, good quality waterproof trousers/jacket from an army surplus store are a popular choice.
Body Armour, knee/elbow Protection During warm weather a nylon/textile jacket can make you overheat, so many riders riders will wear a light weight motorcross jersey with body armour underneath.
Toolkit A basic toolkit will contain:


Plug spanner

Small sockets

Plug spanner



Hex Keys



Cable ties

Gaffer tape

Spray lubricant such as WD40

Puncture repair kit or spare inner tube

Jump leads (for those bikes with no kick start)


Drink/Water A wearable hydration pack is useful in remote areas without shops. Storing in freezer prevents mould!
First aid kit Only ever as good as your knowledge and skills in using it.
Breakdown Card In the event that you can’t repair your bike, its useful to have breakdown cover (eg AA, RAC, Greenflag) if you or your fellow riders don’t have transport to get your bike back home.
In Case of Emergency Contact details So other riders know who to contact in the event of a serious incident. Thankfully, these are very rare. 
Mobile Phone  Essential for emergencies. Internet access can help with breakdowns and GPS will enable you to know where you are and see what trails are in the area.
 Winegums  Essential snacking for Wiltshire riders.