Green Road Conservation Strategy (WTRF GRCS)

Green Road Conservation Strategy (WTRF GRCS)

Wiltshire TRF is a member group of the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and support TRF in pursuit of its Aims and Objectives.  

 The Trail Riders Fellowship has helped motorcyclists lawfully and sustainably access Britain’s network of green roads since 1970.  

We believe that the countryside is for the enjoyment of everyone and work on behalf of the public to ensure that trail riding continues to remain part of the heritage of countryside pursuits within Wiltshire.

Our vision for trail riding within Wiltshire is that:

  • The public will enjoy access to a well-managed network of green roads.
  • There will be no unjust curtailment or extinguishment of that network.
  • Responsible, lawful and sustainable trail riding is recognized as a legitimate activity by other organisations and public bodies within Wiltshire.
  • We will be recognized and valued for our work conserving public access and improving the green road network within Wiltshire.

 We will achieve this vision by:

1. Promoting trail riding as a healthy, responsible and legitimate countryside pursuit which adds economic and social value to local communities and is one of a number of legitimate methods of enjoying the Countryside Access Network.

 2. Working in partnership with organisations and public bodies where there is mutual recognition of our respective aims.

 3. Ensuring motorcyclists are fairly represented at the Wiltshire Countryside Access Forum.

 4. Seeking to help Wiltshire Council achieve relevant actions contained within its Countryside Access Improvement Plan.

5. Seeking to help Wiltshire Council achieve relevant actions contained within its Powered Two Wheeler Strategy.

 6. Assisting Definitive Map Modification Orders where appropriate and defending against any which will extinguish public access.

7. Monitoring the condition and signing of Wiltshire’s green road network if requested to do so by either Wiltshire Council or Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

 8. Recommending voluntary restraint of individual green roads to our members where such restraint is approved by TRF.

 9. Adopting a pragmatic approach to the use of statutory regulation of traffic which comprehends compromise with a view to securing the quality of the wider network whilst resisting disproportionate restriction of motorcycle access.

 10. Encouraging best practice for trail riders with regard to the TRF Code of Conduct, Countryside Code and the Salisbury Plain Training Area Greenlaning Good Practice Guide

 11. Investigating any alleged contravention of the TRF Code of Conduct and any act that could impact upon the reputation of TRF. Where appropriate, we will guide and offer advice to the member [s] concerned and may refer the matter to TRF. 

 12. Encouraging our members to report illegal activities encountered in the countryside to the relevant authorities.

 13. Work with Wiltshire Council and others to improve the Green Road network.


Responsibility for leading the implementation of this strategy rests with the Committee Members, however, every member of Wiltshire TRF has a role in the implementation and support of this strategy.

This strategy will be promoted through the Wiltshire TRF Welcome email documents sent to all new Wiltshire members and also included within our website.

V3 Updated 21/06/2019